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A+ Parents

Oct 19, 2021

Amy Sloan and her husband John are 2nd-generation homeschoolers to 5 children from 6 to 16 years old. The Sloan family adventures together in NC where they pursue a restfully-classical education by grace alone. If you hang out with Amy for any length of time you’ll quickly learn that she loves overflowing book stacks, giant mugs of coffee, beautiful memory work, and silly memes. At any moment she could break into song and dance from Hamilton, 90s country music, or Shakespeare. Amy writes at and hosts the weekly “Homeschool Conversations” podcast.


On this episode, we talk about being a 2nd generation homeschooler. Amy shares tips and lessons that she wished she knew when she was starting out. Amy shares amazing resources in her free resources in her Humility and Doxology homeschool planning guide.


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